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Truxta Bendi 450G

With the TRUXTA you get a smooth operation with squeeze & go hydrostatic system.

TRUXTA mini dumpers – built for durability – hydrostatic system – no slipiing belts – sealed for life and maintenance free.
The TRUXTA – 2 stage self-tipping skip requires no manual lifting.
The ultimate Skip Tip Angle equals no leftovers, just a Totally Empty Skip.
The TRUXTA electric has a regenerative-braking system to help the slow down when stopping; this generates power into battery pack, to increase efficiency and range
Powered mini dumpers provide maximum versatility and light touch operation, available with battery power, petrol or diesel.
The new BENDie 4×4 mini dumper provides access even in the tightest corners.
At just 730mm (850mm) wide the TRUXTA 4×4 is really compact and gets into places other units can’t.
A BENDie mini dumper’s articulated chassis means the TRUXTA handles corners with minimum effort – just steer around bends and corners – no need to lift or reposition.
With a massive skip capacity, the TRUXTA BENDie mini dumper offers excellent load capacity in and around sites and gardens.
The well balanced robust unit fits through typical doorways (2ft 6” B300 or 3ft B450). Easily transportable from site to site, and compact enough to store.
In Operation – The key factor is that operators don’t have to rely on physical strength or brute force with the BENDie’s easy steer handling. The squeeze & go controls (no mechanical gearboxes) make for the easiest use for any operator, weak or strong.
A fail-safe dead man braking system keeps the operator safe at all times. Even when tipping the 2 stage self-tip provides optimum balance even with a full load.
TRUXTA has easy fit attachments for a variety of applications.
The new TRUXTA Flatbed, folds down and tips up.
The towball attachement offers different positions for different sizes of trailer.
Model TB 450G Brake System Fail safe dead-man handle
Drive & Controls Hydrostatic System Working Gradient 25degrees
Unladen Weight (Kg) 180 Max Payload (Kg) 450
Hand arm vibration (m/s2) 4.5 Fuel Capacity (L) 8.1
Noise Level dB(A) <94 Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Travel Speed (mph) 0-4 0-1.5 Engine Honda GX 200
Standard Fitment Tyres Flotation with option
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Weight 68 kg

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